How to get dongle log with BusTrace

busTRACE by busTRACE Technologies (

A full-featured device and software bus analysis tool. It captures and generates I/O activity both locally and remotely, simulates device faults, and has additional tools and features not found in similar system utility tools.

Step 1

Download and install busTRACE Capture Client. During the first launch, mark only the options below. Then press OK and restart your system.

Step 2

Plug your dongle into the USB port. Run busTRACE and in the devices list find and mark ONLY your dongle device. Press “Next” and on the next step set the maximum “Capture buffer size” and maximum “# of bytes to capture per I/O”.

Step 3

Press “Start Capture buffer” and when you run protected software you should see that the number of packages will increase. Try to work closely in your protected software, call the maximum number of functions. Click the button “End Capture” to finish logging.

Step 4

Save your captured log to *.zip file.

You can find busTRACE Capture Client here