How to get backup of Hardlock dongle

To access the memory and algorithms of Hardlock dongle, you need to know its Module Address (MODAD). Hardlock MODAD can be extracted directly from the protected application or from USB log of software working with Hardlock dongle. So your first step must be – getting the log of protected software communication with Hardlock dongle. 

  • Get a Hardlock dongle log with this Instruction
  • Send us the received log or protected software and in response we will send you MODAD to access your Hardlock dongle
  • Download Hasp/Hardlock Dongle Dumper, select “Dump Hardlock”, enter MODAD and get the dump of your Hardlock dongle.
  • Upload your software on
  • Send all data to and we will produce your Hardlock key emulator as soon as possible!
Our Hardlock dongle emulator features

Software-based solution cant be lost or broken
Supports the latest Hardlock drivers
Fully emulated 100% hardlock dongle functions – software emulator works exactly like as original dongle
Tested on all operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10 x64 bit

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