Sentinel HL emulator / Hasp SRM emulator

Gemalto Sentinel HL [new model]

Aladdin HASP SRM [old model]

How to get data for Sentinel HL backup [hasp emulator]

1. Download HASP SRM dumper 1.7 and make dump of your dongle.
2. Get USBTrace logs with instruction.
3. Upload your software, dongle dump and logs on or
4. Send all data to
We will respond as soon as possible and define further instructions if the data provided is not enough.

Sentinel HL (HASP SRM) dongle driver – Download

Our HASP emulator features

Software-based solution cant be lost or broken
Supports the latest HASP drivers
All known firmware versions are supported
Tested on all operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10 x64 bit

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