How to get dongle log with Device Monitoring Studio (DMS)

Device Monitoring Studio by HHD Software

It is a professional tool for monitoring and analyzing USB devices and any applications that work with them.
Windows 10 x64 supported!

Step 1

Download and install USB Monitor. Remove dongle from USB port, then run Device Monitoring Studio, push “USB -> Next connected device -> Start Monitoring…”.

Then add “URB View” to processing list and start usb log capture.

Step 2

Now insert your dongle back in the USB port and run protected application. Try to work in a protected application as fully as possible, use the maximum functionality. It is very important. You can run protected application sevaral times.

Step 3

Then you need to save the log. Push “Tools -> Save to Log”.

Select log file location and press “Ok” to save your captured log.

Step 4

Export captured log to text format. Push tab “Complete”, then “Edit -> Export”.

And save exported log to text format.

Video instruction: