Our team consists of professional and well known experts in reverse engineering and programming. At first, we started our business by working on demand but now we decided to have an online representation of our services. Our main goal is to provide online audience with high quality reverse engineering services.

Dongle is a part of software protection. Since it usually looks like a LPT or USB key, it works only when plugged into your computer. When you’re using the program protected by a dongle, you need to protect yourself from its breakage or loss by ordering an emulator.

Dongle emulation is the process of creating a software copy of your hardware dongle. As other electronic devices, dongles can break down or get lost. As a result, you lose the access to your software and that can lead to heavy losses and hit your reputation. However, if you insure yourself and create a backup of your dongle in time, you can continue to work until you replace your broken/lost dongle.
– Need to determine the dongle model
– Get a dongle dump
– Get a log of work “software” <-> “dongle” with USB logger (USB Trace / BusTRACE)
– Upload software setup and all dongle data on mega.nz (or another service) and sent it to service@lostdongle.com

Dongle dump collects the info from your dongle to create emulation. In order to do that, we use special programs written either by us or by the third party.

In some cases it’s impossible to get the necessary information for dongle emulation, sometimes it’s only dumps. Here, we’ll need additional information from the program through the communication dongle. We get dongle logs for this purpose.

First of all, we need to check if the emulator is compatible with the original version of the program you work with. Second, in some cases, we need more information to make the dump and we can only find it in the original. Finally, the additional information for the emulation can sometimes be only found in the protected version of the program.

You can upload your setup kit on a file share service, like MEGA or DropBox, and send us the link. And don’t worry about your confidential information being safe with us.

We guarantee confidentiality of all your data and information provided for us. Don’t worry we don’t share  dump/log data with anyone. All data will be deleted shortly after order completion.

Absolutely cannot. Our dumpers and utilities won’t harm your dongle in any way.

Our solutions work on all Windows platforms from Windows XP to Windows 10 x64 bit.

Yes, for some dongle models we can make hardware copies of your dongles. Contact us for information.

You legally bought the software you work with so we don’t see anything wrong in making software copies of your dongle. Just in case, check your license agreement for the program you purchased. At the same time, you should be familiar with cyber laws held by your country of residence. It’s important to notice though that our service is not responsible for illegal use of the backup (emulators) by our clients.

We don’t sell or distribute software.

It usually takes about 1-2 days for us to answer your request. You should also check your spam folder before contacting us again.

In practice, it is not possible to set a constant price for emulation a specific dongle. Each time, everything is individual and depends primarily on the implementation of protection. Our prices are determined by the quality of our services that includes short deadlines, professionalism, and our reputation. It’s also up to you what service to choose for your business. Specifically, if it’s a matter of price or quality.

There’s a couple of reasons that can explain this situation. First, the protection of the program has been changed drastically. Second, the protection of the software can identify that an emulator is present in the system. Third, it’s not possible to create an emulator for every existing program. Finally, emulators are tested on a current version of the program, thus, we can’t guarantee them working with the newest versions as well.

It is possible because a dongle emulator doesn’t interfere with other dongles in your system. However, if there are any problems with compatibility, we can try and fix it for you. 

We sometimes use these data for information purposes only. However, the software name in our lists doesn’t mean that we distribute it to someone else. We don’t sell your data.

We are a well known and reputable reversing company. Our solutions are tailor-made, intuitive, and absolutely safe for our client. Since we work with confidential data, we don’t collect public feedback from our clients.

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