How to get dongle log with USB Trace

USB trace by SysNucleus (

An easy-to-use monitor that tells about all the events taking place on the USB bus. Displays the processes of reception and transmission of information, system data, comprehensive information about the connected devices and much more.

Note: During log creation use only BLACK usb ports (USB2.0) and don’t use BLUE usb ports (USB3.0).
Note: Don’t use on Windows 10. For Windows 10 use busTRACE or DMS logger.

Step 1

Remove all your dongles from USB port and press button “Capture Hot Plugged Devices”.

Step 2

Press button “Start Capture”.

Step 3

Insert your dongle in USB port and in the USB Trace window you should see the log.

Step 4

Run your protected software and work in it some time (desirable to cause all software functions). Then go to Export Utility and export log to *.txt file.