Philips IST Certificate Keygen and Smartcard for Tomography

We can assist in the generation of Philips IST certificates and flashing a smartcard to obtain the required level of access to your hardware.

Philips IST (Integrated Security Tool) is a set of tools and processes that are used to protect Philips CT and MRI devices.

The IST Client is a part of this set of tools and is an application that is installed on end user’s computers that provides individuals the ability to open protected documentation and access other applications and service tools. The IST Client also allows engineers to maintain “service keys” which are plugged into medical equipment during service.

Philips IST control what customers are able to access/use by adding entitlements to the user’s profile. The profile entitlements are then transferred to the computer running the IST Client via an encrypted IST Certificate. Periodically, the IST Client software and the IST certificates need to be updated and renewed.

If, for any reason, you cannot get IST Certificates or Smartcard from Philips – write to us and we will give you our solution for test on your hardware free of charge.