Terms of use LostDongle site

Term #1

On our website you can only order a backup of your dongle if you are a licensed user of the software.
The software mentioned on our website in the “Backups” section is not for purchase – this information is provided for information purposes only.
If you are a copyright holder of any product mentioned on our website and want to delete it, let us know at service@lostdongle.com and we will delete it as soon as possible.

Term #2

All content posted on our website cannot be downloaded, viewed or used under any circumstances.
If you decide to ignore these rules, the webmaster and hosting provider takes no responsibility for your actions and how this information will be used.
If you are a member of an anti-piracy organization or any group or organization associated with it, you are not allowed to access this site, view its content, copy, photograph or reproduce the content of this website in any way.
If you enter this website and you do not agree with the current terms or decide to ignore them, you cannot provide any information about our hosting ISPs, organization or any persons storing this website information because your actions will be estimated as a violation of the code no. 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act from 1995.

Term #3

Any information and software posted on this website is intended for informational and educational purposes only and will be used for self-testing of own software products exlusively.
Any use of materials from this resource for purposes that violate a country’s laws “On Copyright and Related Rights”, etc. are FORBIDDEN!
This website does not contain cracks, patches, keys, licenses, generators or emulators.
Responsibility for using dongle emulators and complying with the terms of the software license agreement lies solely with the end user.

Your questions, suggestions and comments can be sent to service@lostdongle.com